Top Virtual Data Rooms distinct advantages

The main advantages of top Virtual Data Room providers

Virtual data rooms have already proved their utility for deal-making. Businessmen go digital in order to save their resources, to protect their information, and to maintain productive relations with the partners worldwide. Virtual data room solutions are not only secure repositories for data storage and exchange – they are fully functional venues for deal-making. Hence, when utilizing virtual rooms businessmen not only protect their confidential data but also facilitate the whole process of deals’ execution.

As VDRs are being improved day-by-day they are rapidly turning into the most convenient environments for negotiations, due diligence, data sharing, etc. Virtual platforms help businessmen to forget about time-consuming trips and face-to-face meetings. Thus, there is no wonder that VDRs are gaining popularity worldwide and that demand for them grows. Although numerous vendors offer their services, it is advisable to entrust sensitive corporate information to the most reputable and experienced vendors. iDeals belongs to the top-10 providers on the market and has assisted in a wide range of deals during more than eight years of operation. Its data rooms have plenty of benefits to offer to its potential users and their partners.


Virtual data rooms offered by iDeals are accessible 24/7 worldwide. Hence, time and space restrictions are eliminated and deal-makers can stay in touch with each other constantly and keep on working whenever and wherever they want. In addition, with the introduction of the mobile application iDeals provided its customers with an opportunity to work even on-the-go and to browse all the documents via their devices.


iDeals’ VDRs are equipped with a complex and multi-sided security system that protects confidential corporate data from theft, leakage, misuse, unauthorized sharing, destruction, etc. Data safety is guaranteed by such options as dynamic personally-identifiable watermarks, strong 256-bit data encryption, firewalls and virus scanning, data backups, “fence view” option that prevents camera-based attacks, etc.

Permission groups

The room owners are allowed to set up separate permission groups and ascribe users to certain groups. It helps to manage information disclosure as each group gets an access only to certain files and folders. Hence, one VDR by iDeals can be utilized for a few projects simultaneously.

Activity tracking

With the help of activity tracking function, the room owners can identify the most active and interested participants of the deal. As all the actions are registered and included in an audit report not a single action will remain unnoticed.

Q&A section

The users are allowed to ask and answer the questions considering certain documents. The whole conversation is linked to the document and users can get acquainted with updates immediately after they took place: users can email notifications about new messages or comments that appear on the branch.

Multi-lingual interface

iDeals cares about the convenience of its international clients and their partners. Therefore, its VDRs are equipped with the multi-lingua interface available in eight languages, namely – in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Turkish, Japanese, and Chinese.

Intuitive navigation

The file system inherent to virtual platforms is designed in such a way that the users can navigate it intuitively. Advanced search and filtering tools, in-document linking, integration with Microsoft Office – all these options are supposed to shorten the time needed for finding and working with the documents uploaded to the room. In addition, with the help of bulk and drag-and-drop uploading options the room can be set up and updated quickly.

24/7 support

The qualified and dedicated support team together with a project manager is ready to assist the clients of iDeals 24/7. Disregarding the complexity of the problem, the team will react almost instantly and fix the malfunctioning.


iDeals offers its clients customized solutions. It means, that the room can be designed in corporate colours, the logos can be embedded in all the documents, emails, reports, invitation letters, etc. Hence, the website can be branded and made consistent with the corporate identity of the client.


Depending on the customer’s needs iDeals offers a few pricing models. The client can choose the most appealing option and pay the reasonable price only for the functions he really needs for his project to be completed successfully.
The advantageous functions of virtual platforms developed by iDeals make them desirable on the market. These virtual platforms help deal-makers to save a considerable amount of resources, to execute their deals faster, to expand the network of contacts and to simplify the cooperation with the partners worldwide.
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